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Giving accurate location to AI assistants with what3words and SHEnetics

SHEnetics is a conversational AI platform for creating custom voice-controlled assistants for automotive, avionics, hospitality, healthcare and consumer tech.
SHEnetics is working with several automotive partners to build its powerful virtual assistant technology into cars, and it has now integrated what3words. Drivers whose cars have SHEnetics built in will be able to input a destination by saying ‘take me to’ followed by the 3 word address they wish to navigate to.

See SHEnetics and what3words in action:

3 word addresses are more accurate than traditional street addresses, allowing drivers to navigate to a specific building entrance or car park. They are optimised for voice input with a built-in error prevention system and cover every 3m x 3m square in the world, allowing drivers navigation to places that have no street address at all.

Find out more about SHEnetics here, or read more about what3words for automotive.

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