• The future of your personal AI assistant

    Finally, conversational AI that gets you... naturally.

  • How is SHE.ai different than Siri, Alexa or Cortana?

    Simply put, we care about you. We are not driven by selling you products, ads or collecting your data. SHE is a personal assistant that seamlessly operates in your day-to-day life, across any device, in fifteen languages, and if you ever happen to find yourself in danger, SHE will help you back to safety. Internet access is not available? Don't worry, SHE operates offline, on-premise or in the cloud.

    Master Assistant

    Our personal assistant not only controls all your devices, your car or your smart home, but SHE also allows the user to control their home personal assistants, such as controlling Siri, Alexa, and Cortana.


    Examples: "Tell Alexa to turn on my house lights, Tell Cortana to play The Beatles in the family room and ask Siri who won the Golden State Warriors game last night"

    Real-time Alerts and Notifications

    When events occur and the user needs to be notified within fractions of a second this requires an embedded solution since cloud connectivity would be too slow.

    Multiple Commands

    Ability to speak naturally with multiple commands in a single interaction.


    Examples: "Start the car, adjust my seat, set the temperature to 68 degrees, take me to Target and play the Foo Fighters"

    Deploy in Cloud, On-Premise or Embedded

    SHE offers three deployment options.

    Online and Offline modes

    Smart cars and airplanes must work while connected online and offline when no Internet connection is available.

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